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Roof Replacement? Hire Duffy Roofing

Families everywhere depend on their homes to offer comfort and shelter from
the elements. And as such no homeowners are an exception, and it’s unsettling
when unexpected storms, rain damage or other conditions that may lead to the
damage of your roofs compromises your safety and security. While a small roof
leak or a water stain on the ceiling might seem like an inconvenience at best,
homeowners need to be aware that these minor issues could be an sign of much more serious problems,
which if left unfixed may even lead to the need for an entire roof replacement.

However, if you already are in need of a roof replacement, worry no more
because Duffy roofing & restoration is here to help’s a company
already operating in North Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and South Carolina and has
been giving these services for over 96 good years.

Advice from Duffy

When Roof Damage Goes undetected?

while the effects of a severe rain or storms are generally immediate, it’s not
uncommon for serious roof damage to go undetected. This is often the case when
homeowners don’t see any visible signs of a problem and fail to get a
professional inspection like Duffy roofing & restoration.
Hail damage is a perfect example to use in this scenario, and many residents
are no strangers to these devastating storms. Although large hail stones may
cause obvious damage, issues that are overlooked may take weeks or even months
to become evident. Smaller hail damage can often take years to become a
noticeable problem, after which many insurance companies won’t cover the old
damage. For homeowners who discover minor leaks long after a storm has passed,
these small inconveniences are often a sign of major underlying problems.

Duffy roofing & restoration as damage experts, we encourage residents to
contact us following any severe weather event that could possibly compromise a
home’s safety. Our inspection service will uncover problems that could have
gone undetected for months to years, and we’ll guide homeowners through the
process of restoring their roof to its original condition. If there’s not a
problem, we will let you know that too!

Minor Leaks leads to Major Problems
Insignificant roof leaks and stains can be a sign of major structural and water damage
that has been overlooked following a severe weather event. Oftentimes it
may take a second unfriendly weather to magnify these problems, and homeowners
should take immediate action to have the issue diagnosed.

In the case of severe underlying damage, complete roof replacement by our
company is the best possible solution. While filing an insurance claim may seem
like a daunting task, the cost of replacement will almost always be covered by
a homeowner’s policy. Not only will a new roof restore the home and help to
increase its overall value, but it can also sometimes help to reduce the cost
of an existing insurance policy.

Duffy Roofing and restoration Is Here To Help

If your roof has suffered damage in any form, or you suspect that there might
be issues related to a previous weather event, contact us today through
770-629-8743 or log on to ( schedule your roof inspection and
also catch more info about us for your satisfaction

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