Furniture To Go ; FTG Furniture Store in Dallas | Dallas Furniture Store Showcase: The Latest in Design and Functionality

Furniture To Go ; FTG Furniture Store in Dallas | Dallas Furniture Store Showcase: The Latest in Design and Functionality


The world of interior design is vast, and furniture is one of the crucial elements that make a house truly a home. At Furniture To Go (FTG) in Dallas, you will find just the right pieces to elevate your living space.

Introduction to FTG Furniture Store

FTG is not just another furniture store; it’s an experience that promises a journey through an array of exquisite furnishings. Every piece, from the living room to the bedroom and dining area, echoes the commitment to quality, style, and comfort.

The Evolution of FTG

Over the years, FTG has established itself as a trusted furniture store in Dallas. But how did we get here? With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of our customer’s needs, we’ve built an extensive and exclusive furniture catalog.

Location and Accessibility

FTG Furniture Store is conveniently located in Dallas, making it an easy destination for all furniture needs. The store hours are designed for convenience, ensuring you can browse at your leisure.

Dallas Furniture Store Showcase

At FTG, we pride ourselves on showcasing only the best furniture pieces. Each collection is carefully curated with an eye for aesthetics and functionality.

Living Room Furniture Showcase

Sofas and Sectionals

Our living room furniture collection features a range of sofas and sectionals that blend comfort and style. Each piece is designed to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation or entertainment.

Coffee Tables

Our coffee tables are more than just a resting place for your coffee mug. Each is a piece of art designed to add character to your living room while serving its purpose.

Bedroom Furniture Showcase

Beds and Nightstands

Our bedroom collections focus on delivering comfort while creating an ambiance of tranquility. The beds and nightstands are tastefully designed to suit various styles and preferences.


A functional and stylish wardrobe is a must-have for any bedroom. At FTG, we offer a wide range of practical and aesthetically pleasing wardrobes.

Dining Room Furniture Showcase

Dining Tables and Chairs

Our dining room furniture collection is designed to enhance the dining experience. The tables and chairs come in various designs, styles, and materials for formal and casual dining.

Buffets and Sideboards

These essential dining room elements provide additional storage while complementing the dining set. Our buffets and sideboards are crafted to perfection, blending functionality and design.

The Latest in Design and Functionality

At FTG, we understand furniture is more than just filling space. That’s why our pieces reflect the latest design trends and functionality innovations.

Innovations in Design

FTG is always on the pulse of the latest design trends. Our furniture pieces reflect current styles, from minimalist modern to vintage charm, ensuring something for every taste.

Functionality at Its Best

Furniture isn’t just about looks; it needs to serve a purpose. At FTG, each piece is designed with functionality in mind, creating a perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Why Choose FTG?

Choosing FTG means choosing quality, style, and comfort. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures an unparalleled furniture shopping experience.

Office Furniture Showcase

Furniture to Go (FTG) is not only about residential furniture. We also offer an impressive collection of office furniture that can transform any workspace into a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Office Desks and Chairs

At the heart of any office is the desk and chair. FTG offers a wide variety of both, ensuring that each person can find something that suits their unique needs and preferences. From compact writing desks to spacious executive desks and ergonomic office chairs to luxurious leather options, FTG has got you covered.

Bookcases and Filing Cabinets

Organizational furniture, such as bookcases and filing cabinets, are also crucial for a functional workspace. At FTG, we offer various organizational furniture to maximize your space while maintaining the style quotient.

Outdoor Furniture Showcase

FTG offers an exciting collection of outdoor furniture for those who appreciate the great outdoors. Our range includes everything from outdoor dining sets to lounge chairs and patio sets, ensuring you can create the perfect outdoor living space.

Patio Sets and Umbrellas

Please make the most of the sunny Dallas weather with our range of patio sets and umbrellas. Whether you are creating a cozy corner for two or setting up a space for larger gatherings, our collection has something for everyone.

Outdoor Sofas and Loungers

Relax in style with our range of outdoor sofas and loungers. These pieces are designed to withstand the elements while offering the highest comfort.

Children’s Furniture Showcase

Regarding furniture for children’s rooms, it is all about balancing fun designs with safety and functionality. At FTG, we offer a range of children’s furniture that ticks all these boxes.

Beds and Bunk Beds

Our children’s furniture range includes various beds and bunk beds designed to provide comfort while catering to children’s tastes. From princess-themed beds to spaceship bunk beds, there’s something to make every child’s dream come true.

Desks and Chairs

FTG also offers a selection of desks and chairs for children’s rooms. These provide a comfortable and conducive environment for studying, crafting, and other activities.

Custom Furniture Solutions

One of the unique offerings of FTG is our custom furniture solutions. Whether you have a specific design or need furniture to fit a particular space, our team can work with you to create a piece that meets your requirements.

Consultation and Design

At FTG, we understand that furniture is a significant investment. That’s why we offer consultation and design services to help you choose the right pieces for your space. Our team of experts can guide you through the process, ensuring you make the best decisions.

Delivery and Installation

Once you’ve selected, the FTG team ensures a smooth delivery and installation process. Our team will handle the heavy lifting and set up your new furniture exactly where you want it.

Sustainability at FTG

FTG is committed to sustainability. We source our furniture from manufacturers who use sustainable practices and constantly strive to minimize our environmental impact.


Furniture To Go in Dallas offers a world of possibilities for transforming your spaces. From the living room to the office and the bedroom to the outdoors, FTG provides high-quality, stylish, and functional furniture that meets your unique needs. So why wait? Explore our collections and upgrade your living space with FTG today!


  1. Do you offer furniture for outdoor spaces? Yes, FTG has a wide variety of outdoor furniture, including patio sets, outdoor sofas, and loungers.
  2. Can I find office furniture at FTG? Absolutely! FTG offers an impressive office furniture collection, from desks and chairs to bookcases and filing cabinets.
  3. Does FTG have furniture for children’s rooms? Yes, we offer a range of children’s furniture, including beds, bunk beds, desks, and chairs.
  4. Can I order custom furniture from FTG? Yes, FTG offers custom furniture solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.
  5. Does FTG offer delivery and installation services? Yes, we offer both delivery and installation services for your convenience.


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